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Video Production

How Does a Video Get Produced?

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It goes without saying that producing a video is much more than just pointing a camera and then editing the footage. It involves a lot more aspects that will make the video more creative and appealing to the viewers. Video production involves a lot of creative talent, skill, and a wide load of artistic flair to get it right.

In this regard, it’s much obvious that shooting a video is not as simple as letting a 6th-grade student hold the camera for you and posting the video on the internet. Here are a few pointers to help you get through the different stages of video production.



Communication is one of the most important aspects to consider while producing a video. After all, you are trying to pass a message to the viewers and it should be perfect. You should organize your speech well by being brief and direct to the point.

It’s basically how you say your words that matter the most. Employ all the elements of a good communicator like using your body, using vocal variations, doing an in-depth research of what you are going to talk about and more importantly. Like Vimeo says, you’re trying to woo your audience, so be convincing.

The Storyhow-to-produce-video

What are you trying to accomplish with your video? Is it a presentation or a marketing video? Either way, you should know the story you are going to tell your audience. Although this may seem quite obvious, many people don’t know what angle they are going to tell their story if there is a story to tell. It is important that you find the significance of your story to the audience and know how to present it best. Ensure to always inspire your audience.


An audience will make the first and the fastest impression about something based on what they see. So the look of the subject is very important. Costume: Is the man wearing a tie or is he dressed in casual clothes? Is the woman in a dress or in pants; does she look business like?

Do I trust this person? Is he or she communicating to me personally and visually? Can I see their eyes? Are there distracting shadows on their face? What do they sound like? Can I hear them clearly or do I have to strain over other noise to hear the message the speaker is trying to put across?


how-produce-videoThe environment is where you place your subject. What do you see behind them? Do we see a view of a whole city outside a window in the background or is there a white wall? If there is a white wall, has it been lit and shaded so there are some shadows that contribute to a pleasing atmosphere? Are you photographing this speech in a lecture hall? In which case do you have a long lens to see your subject in close-up rather than see the whole boring room?

Do you have the opportunity to place your subject on the set of your choosing? It doesn’t take much nudging to ask the subject to sit on a park bench or stand in an atrium with plants in the background; perhaps on a sofa or at the kitchen table. The point is, the world is filled with interesting environments that will help bring your video to life.