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How to Choose the Talent for Your Video Production

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Choosing Talent for your Video Production

Suppose you are holding auditions to cast roles for your video production. How will you conduct it? Well, it may seem like a simple task but it isn’t. It is not as simple as looking at an actor physically reciting their lines and choosing them. It’s beyond the visual impression that an actor will give you. Professional actors are priceless and they have to accumulate years of experience practicing in order to improve them. So how will you choose genuine talent for your video production? What qualities should you look for an actor? Here are some pointers to help you.

The actor should be the right “type”

The actor should come across as a choosing-talent-actorsbelievable embodiment of the character on the page. By type is referring to an actor’s physical look and general demeanor. It is highly unlikely for a female actor to fit the role of a male character on the book. The actor should also fit with the viewer’s archetypes or in order words, the actor should be universally accepted. Viewers should be able to directly relate the actor as a soldier, bad guy/girl, a seductress, a mother or father, amongst many other roles.

The actor should be able to connect with the audience

Does the actor immediately engage with the audience? Does he/she make an effort of engaging with the audience? It’s of utter importance to remember that the video you are making is meant to pass the message to the audience. Therefore, the actor you select for casting should be able to meet your interest and actively engage the audience. When speaking with Daniel, co-founder of Lemonlight Media, a Los Angeles production company, he says that the best way to choose the talent is by looking at the person’s eyes. It’s all about the way that the actor can communicate through his or her eyes.

The actor should possess a strong acting technique

All actors for video production should be able to take direction, make adjustments, and repeat performance multiple times. Apart from this, the actor should be able to effectively connect emotionally with the target audience. This connection is a powerful weapon in passing your intended message to the audience. You should be able to take note of such actors in your auditions and eliminate the feeble ones. In order for an actor to connect well with the audience, they should be able to hone three communication tools namely:

Body Language:body-language-talent-video-production

Body language is one of the most important communication tools that every actor should possess. It entails using the body to communicate the intended message to the audience. Body language conveys an actor’s level of confidence, readiness, and flexibility.

Vocal Quality:

The actor should be able to speak up and loud for his/her voice to register n the microphone or fellow actors. Vocal quality does not only touch on the magnitude of the voice but also the voice should be clear and well articulated by the actor. The actor you choose should be able to speak at an appropriate pace that enables the audience to understand what he/she is saying.


choosing-talent-actors-video-productionFacial Expression:

An actors’ facial expression is an important tool in video production. The face is the one area of the actor’s body that will be focused solely by the camera. Therefore an actor with appropriate facial expression is able to communicate well the intended message with the audience.


Overall, getting a diverse cast together, to better embody your message is a great tactic. What are your thoughts on these tips? What do you look for when choosing the talent for your video production shoot? What have been your greatest experiences with talented actors? Where do you look for the talent? Let us know in the comments section!